Cortelia Systems

Anlage für die finale Pulverbeschichtung

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The system ensures double-sided uniform atomization of water-soluble liquids over the entire surface of the product.

  • Possibility to enter several components at the same time.
  • Up to 5% of liquids are introduced into the compound feed pellets, up to 7% into expandate, and into the light porous structures - up to 10%.
  • The automatic determination and maintenance of the same power to exclude the vibrations in the crop flow when adding liquids.
  • The external technology of the injection ensures a higher resistance against pollution.
  • The even coating of the exact number of fats, vitamins, ferments, vegetable oil on semolina, pellet and expandate.
Typ Kapazität, t/h Prozentsatz der Fermentzugabe, %
UFN-10 10 0,03…0,50
UFN-30 30 0,01…0,17
UFN-50 50 0,006…0,01