Cortelia Systems

Absaugung von Annahmegossen, Ladeorten für Eisenbahn und LKW

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Filters are used to extract the bunker and conveyor system that work as part of production lines in the processing of agricultural products and in the grain, compound feed and food industries.

  • Large filter area (48 m²) and filter capacity of up to 10,000 m³ / h make it possible to use this suction system in the acceptance troughs of the compound feed plants.
  • Air flow moves through filter bags and is conveyed to the general fan as cleaned after the assemble air line.
  • The dust is ejected back to the process.
  • Hinged lid for easy access to the chamber.
Maximale Kapazität, m³/h
Gesamtfilteroberfläche, m²
Anzahl von Filterelementen, Stck.
Gewicht, kg 
Abmessungen, mm
FL-8000М     10 000 48 24 1034 2036 1160 4062